Meter Reading

It is important that if you have a question about your water usage to know how to read your water meter.  Below is a picture of a water meter to help you understand how to read your meter.  We read by the thousands of gallons used.  The first four white numbers are what you will need to look at to get your water meter reading.  From left to right read these numbers. You will take your previous reading and deduct it from the current reading and that will tell you how many thousands of gallons of water you used in one month.  EXAMPLE (Previous 0034 - Current 0039= Usage will be 5,000 gallons)

Progress Water generally reads all meters on 15th of each month unless that date falls on a Friday or weekend.  This means that your usage is from one half of month to the other.  So for example you get your bill the first week of January the usage dates would have been from November 15th to December 15th.  

Meter Meter