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New Year

Happy New Year to all of our members of Progress Water.  Just a few friendly reminders to help you:

1.  All payments are due by the 25th of each month, unless stated otherwise on your statement.  After 4:00 on 25th all accounts with a balance will be charged $5.00 late fee.  

2.  If you have a past due balance it must be paid by 13th of each month to avoid disconnection of service.  If service is disconnected because of this you will be charged $50.00 reconnection fee along with the total amount on your account.

3.  Please make sure to bring your bill with you when you pay, especially if you come thru drive-thru.

4.  To all members that pay online:   Remember that after 4:00 pm on 25th you need to add $5.00 late fee to your payment.  You must know how much you are going to pay and your account number when paying online.  Make sure to put right account number so it will be posted to correct account.  (Don't forget the $2.00 convenience fee)